Guide for Authors

All manuscripts submitted to JOESES should be written in clear, concise, and proper English. Manuscripts containing all essential data and methods should be edited by authors to ensure conformity to editorial standards and journal style. The total manuscript size (including figures) should not exceed 7000 words. The submitted manuscript must be written preferably in Rich Text Format. Page size: A4, margins: 3 cm on each side, line spacing: single, font type: Times New Roman.

Organizing the Manuscript:

The manuscript should be organized into the following sections: Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, References, Tables, Figure Legends and Figures.

Title page. should Include the following information:

· Title. It should be informative and concise title that describes the topic of the manuscript. Font size 14, sentence case, center alignment.

· Author names and affiliations. Full names of all authors and footnote symbols or numbers to denote affiliations, current mailing addresses for corresponding author.

Article structure:

· Abstract: The author (s) should start the manuscript with an abstract of no more than 250 words. Neither abbreviation nor references are accepted in the abstract, followed by the keywords before the introduction.

· Keywords: Keywords should not exceed six words, Size 10, in bold and italic format

·Introduction:  should briefly cover and probably cited the relevant background of literatures including recently published studies in the field of study. The aim of the research should be stated at the end of introduction.

·Materials and Methods: It should include in detail the experimental design and technique. Kindly, Cite properly the previously published procedures in references.

·Results: All essential data that support the conclusions should be presented, in a logical order. No extensive interpretations, extended lines of inference, arguments, or speculations should be included in this section. 

·Discussion: An interpretation of the results with no speculations should be clearly stated in a larger context which should be supported by findings of the related published literature.

·Acknowledgments: Acknowledge dedications, contributions from others, and funding organizations.

·References: Only articles published or in press should be listed in this section and arranged in an alphabetical order. For references with 5 authors or less, list all authors. Abbreviate journal titles according to the most recent issue of BIOSIS Serial Sources,


Journal Article:

Schütz, W. and Milberg, P. (1997). Seed germination in Launaea arborescens: A continuously flowering semi-desert shrub. J Arid Environ., 36: 113–122.

 Book Chapter:

Malacinski, M. G. (1993). Systems of and analytical approaches to molecular biology, In Essentials of molecular biology, eds. D. Friefelder and M. G. Malacinski, Jones and Bartlett Pub., Boston, USA.


Gruger, W. and Gruger, A. (1990). Biotechnology: A Text Book of Industrial Microbiology, ed. T.D. Brock, Sinauer Associate, Inc., Sunderland, MA, USA.

Web Site:

Agatep, R.; Kirkpatrick, R. D.; Parchaliuk, D. L.; Woods, R. A. and Gietz, R. D. (1998). Transformation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by the lithium acetate/single-stranded carrier D.N.A/ polyethylene glycol (LiAc/ss-D.N.A/P.E.G) protocol. Technical Tips Online. Available at: Search for "lithium acetate" from the opening page. Accessed May 2, 2003.

·Tables: They should be double-spaced, separate from the text, and self-explanatory. Label each table at the top with an Arabic numeral followed by the Table title. Insert footnotes below the table. Supply units of measure in the heads of columns. Tables should be called out in numerical order (e.g.Table 1), beginning in the Results section of the manuscripts. Capitalize "Table" when called out in text.

·Figure Legends: Figure legends should provide a general overview of the figure, followed by explanations of specific parts, if necessary. Begin the legend with "Figure 1", in bold. Type the legend in regular, not bold, text. Figure Call outs in Text. Samples: Figure 1; Figures 1-3; Figure 1, A and B; Figures 2A and 3C; Figure 3, A-D.

Preparing Figures for Publication:

JOESES requires that all figures be prepared using professional software. A digital image should have a minimum resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi) at final print size. Figure Size. Prepare figures at proper sizes such as 4.23-8.47 cm or 10.16-11.43 cm or 14.39-17.57 cm; the figure height must be 

Publication Proofs:

·Page proofs are emailed to the Corresponding Author, along with instructions on handling text and figure proofs. Corrections should be carried out by authors in the revised version.


· The reprint form will be sent to corresponding author to be finally revised for two days. A corrected proof will be available online till volume press.

Publication Fees:

. For accepted manuscripts, international authors will be charged for$150 US Dollars. Authors of African countries will be charged for $100 US Dollars. National authors of Mansoura University and other Egyptian universities manuscripts will be charged for 400 and 500 E.P, respectively.