Aims and Scope

Journal of Environmental Sciences is an international peer reviewed journal, issued and sponsored by Mansoura University since 1990. It presents original research articles and reviews in all areas of Environmental studies and life sciences.

The Journal of Environmental Sciences (ISSN 2090-9233) is devoted to publishing original, peer-Reviewed research papers on main aspects of environmental sciences, such as environmental Chemistry, environmental biology, ecology, geosciences and environmental physics. Appropriate Subjects include basic and applied research on atmospheric, terrestrial and aquatic environments, Pollution control, conservation of natural resources, environmental health and toxicology.

List of Journal Topics

1- Environmental chemistry,

2- Environmental biology,

3- Ecology,

4- Geosciences,

5- Environmental physics, 

6- Pollution control and conservation of natural resources,

7- Environmental health, 

8- Basic and applied research on atmospheric,

9- Terrestrial and aquatic environments,  and toxicology.